Who we are:

  • We are experts in the field of carbon, layered minerals and dispersions specialties with over 30 years’ experience in the production and the use of these products.
  • We are focused on lubricants for hot metal forming and products for electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • We are dealing in the development, production and marketing of these products.
  • With our patented technology and our specific know how in the application we provide the possibility for new and customized products.
  • We are manufacturing exclusively products with unique selling points (brand name MECHANO).
  • We want to serve our customers through innovative and responsive solutions, taking advantage of our world leading technologies.

Our Philosophy

This philosophy represents our company’s mission and the beliefs for which we stand

  • We make carbon and layered minerals usable while combining raw materials and specialties to provide a full contribution for our customer’s high quality products;It is our aim to use our over 30 years of experience and know how for the benefit of our customer.
  • We want to be a competent partner for our customers and prove this through innovation, reliability and discretion.
  • We protect our environment while sourcing and technology is always based on the state of art. To identify the needs of the times and of the future and to use all HCC resources to meet those needs by being versatile, responsive and dynamic. We follow our principle: “As much chemistry as necessary and little chemistry as possible.”

Our Service

  • Our strength is our know how wand the flexibility of a small company.
  • Application and the technical service are extremely important in the development of customized products. Therefore, we develop together with our customers innovative products that will ultimately meet the specifications of the end user.
  • We place great emphasis on impeccable implementation. From the task to the sample preparation to the practical tests with our customers, we are a reliable, discreet and competent partner.
  • Should there be beyond further need for optimization, we take the improvements and optimizations and put them together and realize it with our customers in order to further development.
  • Even the project is finished of course we are ready for our customers giving them advice and assistance.
  • A majority of our products cannot be found in any product overview as we manufacture these exclusive and confidential for our customers. What we call reliability and discretion.
    Basic principles to our quality policy (extract).

Basic statement:

Every customer has unlimited right to the performance promised to him.

High-class graduation: Customer
Only the customer decides what quality is.

Quality and corporate success:
In the flawless fulfilment of the performance / service promised to our internal and external customer we see a basic criterion for our long-term success.

Delivering the highest quality (safe and effective) products is core to our business.
This is an absolute commitment and core competency to be integrated into all of our manufacturing and regulatory operations. In addition, to the best of our abilities, we shall strive to deliver the highest quality.