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Product overview (standard products)

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H.C. Carbon Product overview(Standardproducts)    
Product nameForm/ propertiesApplicationsWhereSpecial featuresPackaging
MECHANO CAP® 1P1Spherical graphite,Electrical and thermalLithium-ion batteries,High bulk density and cycling stability.
extremely pureconductivity. Storage plasticsImprovement of thermal and electrical conductivity25 kg Paper bag
MECHANO COND® 1Graphite,Electrical conductivityPlastics, coatings Anti corrosion pigment,
partly delaminated,together with carbon black,Coatings,Reduction of diffusion and permeability,25 kg Paper bag
less impuritiesthermal conductivityBatteriesHigh aspect ratio
MECHANO COND® 1D5Aqueous,Electrical heating,Impregnating Outstanding electrical conductivity. Low resistance,25 kg Hobbock
conductive dispersion,Infrared heatingdispersion Woven glass fiber impregnating 220 kg steel barrel
Binder free
MECHANO COND® 1P4Flotated and screened Electrical and thermal Plastics, coatings,Effect pigment in paintings , high thermal and electrical conductivity.
natural graphiteconductivity. conductive bricksEconomic solution for concrete25 kg Paper bag
Refractory, Ceramiccrucibles
MECHANO COND® 6P1Hexagonal Boron NitrideThermal conductivity,Plastics coatings,No electrical conductivity,
Lubricant, high temperatureAluminum castingHigh temperature and oxidation stability,10 kg Hobbock
releasing agentHeat spreader for battery casings
MECHANO COND® 6P3Hexagonal Boron NitrideCeramic slips and sinteredSintered products,Outstanding whiteness very fine particle size
products. Releasing aid.Coatings 10 kg Hobbock
Thermal conductivity
MECHANO COND® 6P4Hexagonal Boron NitrideLubricantsDispersions,High aspect ratio, easy to disperse
Coatings 10 kg Hobbock
MECHANO LUBE ® 1Natural graphite,Batteries,Coatings,Sharp particle size distribution
fine ground,Lubricants,paintings,for EPS 15 kg Paper bag
MECHANO LUBE ® 2Graphite, ultra fineMold releasing agent,Hot metal forming,Black appearance, very fine ground, precise particle size distribution
submicron particlesColoring pigmentCoatings,15 kg Paper bag
MECHANO LUBE ® 1D6Water based graphite,Production of retaining rings,Bar forgingNo contact welding
lubricantbar lubrication, cold forming25 kg Hobbock
MECHANO LUBE ® 1D8Water based graphite,Lubricating, cooling and Hot metal forming,Good adhesion even at high temperatures,25 kg Hobbock
lubricant.mold releasing liquidforgingHigh graphite content for all spraying units. 20 kg steel barrel
Natural graphite1000 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 1M2Instant graphite mixture,Mandrel bar lubricant,Tube millsAlso for chromium plated mandrels. For almost all tube mill types.
powder for production production of seamlessFor big consumption easy to produce the liquid by adding water300 kg Big Bag
of dispersiontubes
MECHANO LUBE ® 1M4Instant graphite mixture,Pre-product for lubricantForging shopsFor big consumption easy to produce the liquid by adding water
powder for production 300 kg Big Bag
of Lube 1VP12 dispersion
MECHANO LUBE ® 1P9Natural graphite,Lubricants Dispersions,For large consumer. Available only in big-bags
very fine particles Refractories 300 kg Big Bag
MECHANO LUBE ® 1VP12Water based graphite,Lubricating, cooling and Hot metal forming Good adhesion even at high temperatures. For deep gravities,25 kg Hobbock
lubricant,mold releasing liquidforgingHigh graphite content220 kg steel barrel
very fine graphite1100 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 1VP18Water based graphite,Lubricating, cooling and Hot metal forming,Excellent spreading and adhesion, also for stainless steel.25 kg Hobbock
lubricant NEW GENERATIONmold releasing liquidforgingCost saving due to perfect atomization220 kg steel barrel
very fine graphite1100 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 1VP19Coating dispersion,Billet coating Oxidation protection For all application systems (spaying, dipping etc.) 25 kg Hobbock
water basedcoating for steel partsVery resistant during passing the induction furnace.220 kg steel barrel
1100 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 1VP496Coating dispersion Ladle slide gate coating Refractory,Pore filler. High oxidation resistance25 kg Hobbock
Ceramic plates,220 kg steel barrel
Steel industry1100 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 1VP574Graphite dispersion,Aluminum forging Lubricant,Suitable for replacing graphite-oil,25 kg Hobbock
Water based graphite Releasing agentEasy to dilute with water,220 kg steel barrel
for Aluminum forging High solid content1100 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 1VP628Graphite free dispersion,Aluminum roll casting Releasing agent forPerfect releasing properties and surface,25 kg Hobbock
Water basedrollsNo residues, clean coils 220 kg steel barrel
1100 kg IBC
MECHANO LUBE ® 4G2Graphite/Carbon black Electrical and thermal Plastics, Synergy between graphite and carbon black,
granules conductivity.Coatings,Dust free, excellent dosage, reduced mixing time 12,5 kg Paper bag
Lead acid batteriesadhesivescarbon black
MECHANO LUBE ® 6D1Boron nitride dispersion,High temperature lube,Billet coating,Very high temperature and oxidation stability
water based Casting coating Aluminum casting25 kg Hobbock
MECHANO PRO® 1VP1Intercalated Graphite,Flame retardant,Seals, gasketsFine expandable graphite suitable for dispersions.
expandable graphiteIntumescent coatings25 kg Paper bag
MECHANO PRO® 1VP2Intercalated graphite,Flame retardant,Seals, gasketsHigh expansion volume, high expansion pressure
expandable graphiteIntumescent coatings25 kg Paper bag
MECHANO REM® 5Special carbon Shielding and insulationPolymersFiller for friction materials, reinforcing filler, replacing graphite,
platelet shape material, EPS, XPS, othersin insulating materials. 20 kg Paper bag
fillerglass- and rockwool