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Product description
MECHANOREM® 5 is a special treated carbon*. The particular structure of this product is based on our advanced refining and grinding method. Although MECHANO-REM ®5 has no graphitic properties, it can be used as a graphite substitute in many cases. The specialty of our carbon is its platelet structure, and it’s high aspect ratio.
MECHANOREM® 5 shows an outstanding infrared diffusion and reflectance and can be used in insulating materials. The thermal conductivity compared with graphite is significant lower and the intrinsic thermal conductivity is reduced.

Compared to graphite, MECHANO-REM® 5 has a much lower thermal conductivity, so that the intrinsic conductivity is also reduced.

MECHANOREM® 5 is excellent compatible with a wide range of lacquer formulations as well as with polymer systems like thermoplastics or thermosetting resins.


Technical data

Technical Data MECHANO REM5

Typical particle shape

Typical particle size Mechano-REM5


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