Products for conductive textiles, fiberglass fabrics, impregnation, infrared heaters, radiation absorption.


Product Description
MECHANO-COND® 1D5 is a carbon dispersion for aqueous paint and coating systems to achieve electrical conductivity. The dispersion is manufactured according to the FLG*-technology and achieves the highest electrical conductivity. Due to its composition, MECHANO-COND® 1D5 can be incorporated directly into any aqueous formulations, it is well compatible with them. MECHANO-COND® 1D5 contains no binders but only dispersing additives in low concentration and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications. The carbon pigments contained allow – depending on the concentration of use – the setting of different resistance values. Even after a prolonged standing time, the dispersion can easily be stirred up again.



Technical data

Technical Data MECHANO COND 1D5

*FLG technology = Few-Layer Graphene
1 self – measurement

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