Our HCC technology

By using superior technology, we can make substantial changes to the particle morphology of the basic raw materials. With MECHANO-DESIGN® we adapt the raw materials directly to the needs of our customers.



Grain size

Flavicon neu

HCC technology can influence and change all these parameters.
We make customized products for you.


Particle shape


Our dispersions

The susperiority of a formulation is reflected in the stability, handling and performance of a dispersion. Not only have we taken special path in formulation, but also in production.
While conventional products are usually run through agitator bead mills, we use a special cavitation technology.
Whether graphite, hexagonal boron nitride or carbon black, we break up agglomerates, stabilize the particles and ensure optimum rheological behavior.
We also produce high quality hexagonal boron nitride dispersions.
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Our service

The application of products requiring explanation requires a special service.
After all, we don’t just want to sell products, but savings. Especially with lubricants, we help you reduce consumption, increase tool life, improve cleanliness and ultimately increase your product quality.

If you wish, our technicians will accompany the implementation on site.

Free of charge, of course.