Through the use of superior technology, we can change in the particle morphology of our basic raw materials. Our MECHANO-DESIGN Technology adjust the products to customers needs.



Our Dispersionsour-dispersions

The superiority of a formulation appears in stability, handling and performance of a dispersion. Not only in the formulation we went radically new paths also with regard to the production. While conventional products usually are produced via stirred ball mills, we use a special cavitation technology. Whether graphite, hexagonal boron nitride or carbon black, we destroy agglomerates stabilize the particles and ensure an optimal rheological behavior.


Our Lubricant powdersour-lubricant-powders


Release and lubricant powder in instant form.
All additives for the hot metal forming are included.

Cost-effective solution for major consumer (forging shops, manufacturer of seamless tubes.)

Adding water, stirring, ready.

Our Serviceour-service

Customers can expect extensive service and detailed product data concerning products which require technical explanation. Finally, we sell not only products we sell cost savings. Especially with lubricants we help you to reduce consumption, tool wear, improve the cleanliness and ultimately to increase your product quality. If you wish, our technicians accompany the product indroduction locally.

Of course, for free.

Challenge us, we are ready for you.

Good Chemistry and Technology at work!