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Our FLG* technology opens up new avenues. *FLG = Few Layers Graphene. Graphene is the magic word of our century and means an atomic layer.

What is FLG?
Graphene is the magic word of our century. The atomic layer (graphene) is indeed a fascinating material. Compared to other manufacturers we do not claim to be able to produce graphene. But we can delaminate the graphite so that it no longer consists of so many layers. This is what we call FLG technology.

Why FLG technology?
Graphite is an anisotropic material. For example, there is no conductivity in the conductivity. See cover picture above.

To improve the conductivity, we have to peel off the layers and make the stack of graphene lower. The process is called delamination. A graphite structure can be compared to a closed book.
From this book we tear out stacks of pages. A single page would be a graphene, but we are satisfied with several pages and thus have our Few Layer Graphene (FLG). This technology is kept top-secret.

The hexagonal FLGs cluster together in the surface to form perfect arrangements. Abstractly, we imagine this as in the following picture.

What does HCC make from it?
We make highly conductive dispersions from it. We have succeeded in stabilising the FLG particles in such a way that no agglomerates form and the viscosity remains acceptable. These dispersions, together with binders, can be used for a wide variety of applications, for a wide variety of applications.
Abstractly, we imagine this as in the following picture.

Heating coatings.
Extremely low voltage and extremely low consumption enable economical, electric panel heating.

Glass fiber fabric impregnated with our FLG dispersion. Heating mats can thus be can be produced for a wide range of applications.


Model of arrangements

Heating coat on an epoxy resin panel

Heizanstrich auf einer Epoxidharz-Platte

De-icing systems for aircraft and wind turbines

Shielding against electromagnetic radiation, lightning protection and much more.

There are hardly any limits to the applications.
We can develop these and many other solutions together with you.

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