On the 10th anniversary of H.C. Carbon GmbH

Dear friends,

When I founded the company H.C. Carbon GmbH on 28.08.2008, there were many things I did’t know yet. Let’s review what has happened so far.

I met investors who were unfamiliar with business ethics and shareholders with massive character deficits. – At the beginning, I met investors who were unfamiliar with business ethics and shareholders with massive character deficits. But this is the experience of many scientists and company founders. We are too much inspired by the idea and the joy of the new. However it’s almost always like this, that enthusiasm is followed by disillusionment.

But true to my principle: “Only a letter is given up” and with an unshakable belief in success, every crisis could be overcome. So it was that our first headquarters in Nuremberg was the birthplace of HCC. The company developed and as if out of the blue, an accident occurred on 02.07.2010.

Firefighting operation on 02.07.2010.

Production was completely devastated. Long-term remediation work led to delivery problems and new investments. Thanks to our loyal customers and the commitment of our employees, this crisis was overcome. It quickly became clear that this location was too small and, measured against our products, also unsuitable. Graphite is black and not popular everywhere.

In January 2012, we moved to Rednitzhembach. Now we had the opportunity to produce at an industrial site with good connections.

Our current company headquarters not far from the A6

Over the past few years, we have developed and successfully launched many new products.

Here are to be mentioned:

MECHANO-LUBE® series for the forging industry. MECHANO-COND® 1D4 for highest electrical conductivity.

Mr. Bingtao Lu and  CEO Werner Handl

We were able to close another gap in the area of conductivity. Together with a manufacturer, we have developed a new grade of carbon black and can thus inspire customers who produce conductive or antistatic plastic parts in particular.

In 2013, we became unfaithful to the color black. Due to increasing demand, a product was required that behaves like graphite but is white. Our solution is hexagonal boron nitride!

In 2015, we successfully established ourselves in China.

China is not only an important sales market for us, but also a major supplier of raw materials. Our grinding plant has already been reaching its capacity limits for some time, so we are accelerating the expansion.

We are now in the process of conquering the Indian market. We were able to successfully establish, that our products are well received by customers and are in demand

Dear friends, the love for the products, the deep respect for our customers and our employees make us successful. Many products are customized and do not appear in our portfolio. We operate in a high-tech market where secrecy and discretion are paramount.

Only in this way and with the highest quality, we were able to hold our own for 10 years against sometimes aggressive market competitors.

And we continue to grow.

We still have a lot of plans! Since May of this year, we have reorganized ourselves. We have strengthened our team and are moving forward with great confidence.

How quickly these 10 years have passed!
My thanks go to the employees, my wife and everyone who helped make our company successful.

Werner Handl

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